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abouttop1Each business is unique, but they all have similar problems. Since all of our clients are closely-held family-owned businesses, the personal and business aspects are connected. Our job is lessen their burden of reporting to the government and making sure that they pay no more than they should. None of our clients enjoy dealing with the myriad of forms that the governments require to enable them to keep their doors open.

What varies between each of our clients is their natural accounting skills, desire and time to cope with these requirements. We make up the difference between what they need, and their ability to provide it properly and timely to the government. So our services for our business clients we provide is different for each.

One thing we provide to all clients is direction on business decisions that they make. While the tax aspect is the starting point for the contact, most all questions we receive have a practical and a legal side. Invariably, the tax aspect might be the least important factor. The client may need to see an attorney and we will assist them in finding the proper advice.

It might be a business in trouble during these times, so our job might be to help them better track and control their cash flow to enable them to survive. Or it could be a client that is making so much money that our entire focus is on minimizing income taxes.

Most of these clients provide us with an IRS power of attorney so that the government calls us and the client has no direct contact with any agent. It also allows us to find out what information the IRS has, to enable us to resolve any discrepancy. Additionally, we receive copies of any notices the same day the client gets them. Suelene is a Quickbooks Pro Advisor, so that we can help you with the needs of preparing in house financial statements. We provide training and ongoing support as you try to have the best information on a timely basis to run your business profitably.

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